Plasma Elite

Skin Tightening Technology

Plasma Elite

Plasma Elite

The non-surgical solution to lift, tighten and shrink excess skin.

Revolutionising the art of providing natural beauty, all without the need of fillers, injectable anaesthetic or costly invasive surgery.

The hand-piece works by producing a pulse of ‘plasmatic lightning’ from the probe on to the skin, which then superficially evaporates and causes the immediate surrounding area of skin to contract. This contraction tightens the area and gives you an incredibly natural and youthful look.

These results improve over the following months as the skin continues to tighten and firm as the fibroblasts in the skin produce new collagen and elastin.

Plasma Elite Skin Tightening Treatments Cork

Plasma Elite Targets …

– Excess eye bags and eyelids, an alternative to Blethorplasty Surgery.
– Lines, wrinkles, lips and forehead, an alternative to other more expensive treatments such as Botox.
– Crepey neck and décolleté.
– Tightening and lifting around the outer face.
– Acne scarring.
– Skin Lesions (Moles).
– Skin tags.

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